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  • Jimong Carbon 120Ktons Ultra-high-power Graphite Electrode Put into Operation
    In late October, Jimong Carbon Roasting Plant maceration process initiated pilot production. Jimong Carbon has produced 22,669 tons of carbon products until September.
  • The 3 Million Ferroalloy Project of Jitie Successfully Production
    In mid-August, Jitie the first phase of the 3 million tons of Ferroalloy alloy production line 15 electric furnaces was successfully put into production.
  • The Plan of Zhongze Group to Restructure Horoc Group was Approved
    On June 14,Zhongze Holding Group Co., Ltd. has successfully restructured Jilin HOROC Group Co., Ltd., which will open a new way of HOROC Group's mixed ownership reform.
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